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Strawberry Shortcake Growth Serum

Strawberry Shortcake Growth Serum

NEW‼️Limited Edition Strawberry Shortcake Growth Serum/ OIL great for moisturizing hair and adding shine plus an amazing long lasting smell satisfying to all


-Coconut Oil -Seals in moisture and improves healthy  circulation & help prevent a dry, flaky scalp and dandruff, as well as split ends and hair breakage.

-Almond  Oil -Moisturize your hair and scalp and protect your hair from everyday damage

Castor Oil -  Quick increase of hair growth seals split in thickens the hair repairs   damage and much more

Rosehip Oil -Effective at helping dry strands regain moisture, repairing damaged hair and temporarily minimizing the effects of split ends. It's full of vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids, which keep the hair and scalp nourished.

Hibiscus Flower - Provide the hair with the nutrients help in promoting hair growth. These amino acids produce a special kind of structural protein called keratin, which is the building block of hair.



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